Cost Efficient.

Discover more about
zoning and how it can
improve your living today.

Plug & Play

ZONEFIRST’s Plug & Play
Zoning System is the easiest
and fastest system to install
on the market. Homeowners
can even do it themselves.

You have one of
these in every room.

Why not one of these?

See Why Zoning
Makes Sense

You don’t control all the lights in
your home with just one light

You shouldn't control your heating
& cooling with only one thermostat.

Stop Fighting Over
The Thermostat!

Keep the Office at
different comfort levels.


Featured On Ask This Old House


This Zoned House - Denver, CO

Why Zoning?

  1. Precise Temperature Control
  2. Energy/Environmentally Efficient
  3. Save on Cooling & Heating Bills
  4. Easy-to-Control Comfort Levels
  5. For Commercial & Residental

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