Plug and Play

The Easiest, Fastest Zoning System to Install Could Save You Thousands…

Zonefirst’s Plug & Play Zoning System is the easiest, fastest and most cost effective zoning system to install on the market.



Zone Control Panel Features:

Model MDP3 – Single-Stage, Multi-Stage All In One Panel – Zone up to 103 zones.

  • Color-coded, push-in wiring terminals – Make for fast and hassle free wiring for your thermostats and equipment. No screwdriver required.
  • System Status LEDs – Make fore easy troubleshooting. Indicates how the board is currently operating.
  • Damper Position LEDs – Shows the position of each zone damper. RED for CLOSED / GREEN for OPEN.
  • Damper Test Buttons – Allows you to test each zone damper from the board.
  • Plug-In Damper Terminals – Makes for easy damper wiring, just snap it in!
  • Compatible with any 4/5 wire thermostat
  • Compatible with any equipment




Zone Damper Features:

Model RDP – Plug-In Zone Damper Tested to over 1,000,000 Life Cycles

  • 12VDC Motor – Tested to over 1,000,000 life cycles to guarantee long life
  • Power Open / Power Close – 5 second nominal
  • Minimum position setting – easily adjustable
  • Connects to control panel using modular cord – RJ11 phone jacks, just snap it in!
  • Motor comes equipped with dual jacks – allows for daisy chaining zone dampers together.
  • Damper Position LED – Motor shows position of damper. RED for CLOSED GREEN for OPEN.
  • Daisy chain – up to 10 zone dampers per zone.
  • 25′ of cord – included with every damper.